Safety Info

Safety Info

Fildena 100 is an ED treating pill. It is been manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. This high-powered pill is best for the men suffering from repetitive penile failure. Consumption should be done only after consulting the doctor. It is an oral tablet which should be consumed with water without altering the state of medicine. Do not chew or crush it. Only males having issues with erection during intimate moments should take the help of this medicine. Men with cardiac issues should refrain from themselves from the consumption of this medicine.

Safety should be taken while consuming Fildena 100

This is impotence treating pill and should be taken by men after the age of 18. The most important thing is to speak to your doctor about your complete medical condition. Speaking to the doctor will solve half of your problems. Do not use this medicine with nitrates. Fildena 100has Sildenafil Citrate as its main active ingredient and it does not go well with nitrates. Hence, consuming both of these drugs could be harmful.

Sildenafil Citrate is also used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, hence if you are taking Sildenafil Citrate for curing some other disability or disorder; make sure your doctor has an idea about it.

If you are already taking some other ED treating drug, then do not consume this medicine. If you have a heart problem or if you have suffered from any heart stroke in the past 3 months, then do not consume this medicine or consume only after being prescribed by the doctor. If you experience a prolonged or painful erection for more than 8 hours, take the help of medical assistance. If you face sudden hearing or vision loss contact your doctor immediately.

If you are already using medication for high blood pressure than Sildenafil Citrate might make your blood pressure go low. Consuming too much of alcohol, fatty food, and grapefruit drinks should be avoided, this might decrease its effectiveness. It does not protect against STD or any other sexually transmitted disease.

Keep it away from the reach of females who are lactating or pregnant. These impotence pills like Fildena 100 should be kept away from the reach of children. Store it in a cool and dry place.Some customer do complain about sudden and permanent hearing loss and this happens when they are constantly consuming this medication without proper prescription.